Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Break

Beans in the Grow-bed system
This week is the last week before winter break and the greenhouse will have to be unkept for for about a month. During the winter in Korea, it snows a lot and the temperature can drop suddenly(up to -9°C), so the plants may have a hard time. In order to prevent this, we fixed the heater and made new projects with creative ideas in order to make it better and more easier for the plants to grow.
The Horizontal system

All of the plants except for about 4 or 5 are growing well but there are lots of saplings and plants that aren't sturdy yet. About 1/4 of the plants total in the greenhouse are big and some plants are ready to harvest. The Grow-bed system and the horizontal system are doing well and it's positive that most of the plants will survive the winter, but plants in the raft system are mostly still small and need gentle and careful care. Also, the vertical system is closed down as explained in my last blog post.

Plants that have just started to grow
The "workers" in the greenhouse think that some plants will survive but most won't and it will be hard for them to. They also say that the fish will probably survive due to the fact that the heater is fixed and that the greenhouse is getting warmer.

The Grow-bed system
The raft system
Plants that are germinating
A pumpkin plant in the grow-bed system 

A project that has shown positive benefit

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