Thursday, April 17, 2014

One month update and the new floating system

Hi everyone!
Thank you for visiting our 6th Grade PBL blog.  I invite you to take a look at the progress we have made since we began.  If you are interested you can follow me on twitter @JasonMartinKIS to know when we have made updates or if you have ideas, suggestions, or questions.  Thanks!
It is now April 18th and our plants have been growing for month now and the flowers are starting to appear.

The plants for the most part are growing very well with the cucumbers leading the way followed by the pea plants.  Students are excited each morning to visit the greenhouse and check on the progress of growth.  They continue to perform their roles and they have had to solve several issues ranging from protecting the plants from breaking off in the hanging vertical system to cleaning out algae and figuring out how to prevent algae growth.

 Students monitor pH values, temperature, feeding cycles for the fish.

Last weekend we added a fourth system to our program.  The floating grow bed system will grow primarily lettuce, and herbs.  It is also an Aquaponic system as we have found that the fish are a very reliable source of nutrients and we have had very few casualties.
Please check it out.