Wednesday, November 25, 2015

June 3 Update

Thank you for visiting  Unfortunately many of my previous pages no longer exist and I have moved to another site with my new school.  If you would like information on aquaponics or you are interested in learning more about Project Based Learning through aquaponics and hydroponics please email me at  Meanwhile I have reposted many of the pictures which people have requested to see.

Thank you,

Jason Martin


Last week of the year and the students invited parents, teachers, and students to visit their classroom in the greenhouse.  Students broke into 6 or 7 stations depending on the visitors.

Station 1 shared our entry event with the visitor and and students explained the problem they were trying to solve.   "How can we feed the world?"

Stations 2-5 the students explained how each system works and the type of plants growing in that particular system.

Station 6 and 7 students demonstrated planting seeds and germinating them.

Overall it was a success and it was very rewarding to see 6th grade students explaining how aquaponics and hydroponic systems work as well as pointing out examples of gravitropism and hydrotropism.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


While I was looking around in the greenhouse I saw how the greenhouse members, Alan and Alex were gathering to talk about something. Apparently there was a error in the greenhouse, and there were leaks all over the floor. Water was spilling outside the tube and over flowing. The ground was also full of puddles and slippery.

The engineer came to fiz the pipe with a new pipe and started to do his work. Apparently something in the system was being blocked and the tubes were over flowing. Other than that the green house looked like it was in perfect condition.

The plants were doing fine and growing like they were suppose to. The test of the greenhouse was being worked on to be improved and look new.