Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 18 Post

It is incredible how fast time goes when you are having fun and this has been an extremely fun year.   Wow what a group of committed and passionate people can accomplish is fantastic.  We are pretty lucky to have a department of professionals completely committed to students.  I wanted to share some of the comments and feedback we have received from different teachers as our team has so much to be proud of this year.

"Congratulations on such an amazing student opportunity! I am excited to be part of the action in the coming years! Have a great day and keep on keeping on!"  

"I agree, hats off to the science team!!!"  

"YES! It is quite a work of science. Well done science dept!"  

"Wow. I just had a look at it. It's amazing! Kudos to the Science Department."  

"Outstanding! Kudos to the team who put this together."  

"smartly done - I'm truly impressed!"